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Why You Shouldn’t Stand And Drink Water

Why You Shouldn’t Stand And Drink Water

2 August, 2017


When you drink a glass of water, do you ever consider your posture and how this has an impact on you? It is unlikely, but you should. Ayurveda is all about ensuring the body works in harmony, which is why you should not stand when you are drinking water. Read on for more information on why this comes so highly recommended.

More than two-thirds of the weight in our bodies is made up of water. It is vital to keep hydrated, so that blood circulation improves and waste moves out of the body. However, we don’t tend to give much more thought to water when we are drinking it; as long as the temperature is right, we are happy. But, as any practitioner of Ayurveda will tell you, your posture is pivotal. If you stand when you consume water, your nerves are going to be in a state of tension. What is known as the fight system, i.e. the sympathetic system, is then activated. Your body is under the impression that it is fighting against something. Standing up and drinking water is closely linked to the speed at which you drink the water. The speed is essential, and standing up will accelerate the speed the water is consumed at. This is when joint damage, arthritis and similar problems come into play. If you take any of the available Ayurveda courses, you will learn all about having a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature, and little things like this can make a massive difference.

Any Ayurveda diploma will stipulate that food should always be eaten slowly. This is important because it facilitates the digestion process. The same can certainly be said for water. Water needs to be taken like air – steadily and slowly. You could end up with a lack of oxygen in the food and wind pipe if you drink too quickly, and this can give rise to lung issues and heart problems. It can also cause joint pain, joint weakness, and bone and joint degeneration because air goes into the oesophagus, which generates pressure when water is drunk rapidly. Quite clearly, the main issue here is the speed at which a person consumes water. It is important to keep this in mind when drinking water. If you stand up, it will be much more difficult to slow down the pace. So, instead, sit down peacefully and enjoy your glass of water, as this will guarantee there is no disharmony in the body. It is remarkable how such seemingly small changes can make a huge difference, but this is what Ayurveda is all about; learning to live in harmony with one’s self.

All in all, hopefully, you now have a better understanding as to why it is important to sit when you consume water. You will find that you enjoy the experience much more, and your body will thank you for it too. Live your life in harmony and embrace Ayurveda.