Diploma Courses In Ayurveda

Diploma Courses In Ayurveda: Will They Cover Aspects Of Mental Health?

Diploma courses in Ayurveda offer people of all professions and persuasions – healthcare professionals or not – training in understanding all aspects of Ayurveda. While this system of health and wellbeing has proven to benefit those with physical ailments – can it help those with mental conditions also? The simple answer is yes, Ayurveda is Psychosomatic.

To date, modern/allopathic medicine has failed miserably in its understanding and treatment of mental health issues. Prescribing drugs as a symptom treating measure, this approach never gets to the cause of the problem. Ayurveda approaches mental health in a Psychosomatic sense, meaning that if the body is imbalanced, then so is the mind - they are not separate. Shirodhara treatment is also performed as a forerunner in the Panchakarma treatment procedure This treatment is particularly helpful in treating fatigue, headache, nervousness, insomnia and stress. Shirodhara procedure involves pouring a blend of some medicinal oils, mixed with medicated milk or pure ghee. It is poured on the forehead through a clay pot, hung from a specific height above the person for a specific period of time. A headband is tied above the ear level to prevent the oil from pouring on the eyes. This treatment helps improve the functioning of the five senses, and beats insomnia, stress, depression, fatigue and Vata imbalance. Shirodhara also treats certain skin diseases and mental tension. Prior to performing this treatment, a 10 minute head massage is performed.

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