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Why You Shouldn’t Stand And Drink Water

2 August, 2017


When you drink a glass of water, do you ever consider your posture and how this has an impact on you? It is unlikely, but you should. Ayurveda is all about ensuring the body works in harmony, which is why you should not stand when you are drinking water. Read on for more information on why this comes so highly recommended.


Study Supports the Mental Benefits of Yoga & Meditation. Maastricht University

5 October, 2016

A new study explains how mediation and yoga can reduce the perception of pain.

Yoga practitioners know first-hand the physical and mental benefits the activity produces, as meditation is often embedded in yoga sessions. Now, yogis have got science to back their claims of well-being and focus, as new research shows more clearly how yoga-induced mindfulness has an impact on pain perception.

The findings come from research carried out by PhD student Tim Gard at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. He started with recent findings showing that mindfulness can attenuate pain, and set out to discover more about the underlying brain mechanisms that are involved.