Ayurveda Therapist Course

Ayurveda Therapist Course: Can It Help With Managing Stress?

Ayurveda therapist course programmes can be incredibly helpful for those looking to take control of their health from both a mental and physical perspective. Ayurveda courses are well placed in teaching individuals how to balance the mind & body, which in turn, alleviates stress.

Many imbalances in our bodies can be as a result of stress, according to Ayurveda. Stress can have an affect on our mental and emotional well-being in a big way, especially when it comes to our relationships with other people. It can also have an impact on the condition of our hair, teeth and nails. That is without even mentioning the impact stress causes from a physical perspective. It can affect our cardiovascular capabilities, our immune systems, our nervous system, our metabolic function, and our digestive system. In many cases, the physical symptoms arise due to the emotional impact. After all, one cannot have a healthy body if they do not have a healthy mind. Stress and negative emotions are cited as causes for many different diseases. Stress lowers the body’s immunity and, therefore, turns it into a host of disease causing parasites and micro-organisms, and they, in turn, cause mental and physical health to deteriorate further. Ayurveda with its assisting practices, including Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga, can fight the stress, enabling you to gain control of the mind and achieve a beautiful life. Ayurveda considers that stress or depression is connected with “Ojas”, which is a basic element if the body’s tissues. An individual will get anxious or stressed when there is a misbalance with this element.

At G I V E - Gaia Institute of Vedic Education, we provide a diploma program in Ayurveda. Our syllabus embraces all aspects of Ayurveda and our training program offers a comprehensive understanding of Ayurvedic practices and treatments making it ideal as an Ayurvedic therapist course. To find out more about our Ayurveda therapist course options, please visit http://vedic.institute, call 02921680150 or email office@vedic.institute.