Ayurveda Nursing Course

Ayurveda Nursing Course - Pregnancy And Childcare

Ayurveda nursing course may just be what you are looking for at this moment in time. Ayurveda is extremely popular, not only in India, where it originates, but throughout many western societies also. This knowledge has been passed down from ancient Sanskrit texts and teachers for thousands of years and one such area that has benefited from this knowledge is Pregnancy & Childcare.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, a good pregnancy is dependent on both parents being in the best place they can be from a physical, mental and emotional perspective. A large part of Ayurvedic literature on this subject details that the pregnant person should take herbal decoctions to meet nutritional needs – particularly for those who have a history of miscarriages and abortions. From the six-month mark onwards, due to the foetus expressing intellect from this point on, pregnant women will want to adhere to a Satvik diet. This is food that is fresh, natural, easy-to-digest and warm, as opposed to processed or frozen foods that are high in sugars and bad fats. Once the child is born, breastfeeding is essential for bonding and nutritional purposes. As such, the best quality milk is obtained from having a well-rounded state of mind, good diet, regular sleep and breathing exercises. The Ayurvedic approach to pregnancy and childcare teaches parents a more holistic approach to bringing a new life into the world and how best to raise that child for optimum development.

But where can you find such a well-balanced Ayurveda courses? Simple: at G I V E - Gaia Institute of Vedic Education. Our one-month training course is suited to those looking to understand and care for their children from an Ayurvedic perspective. To book your study place today, or find out more details about our certification Ayurveda courses, just go to http://vedic.institute, email office@vedic.institute or call 02921680150.