Ayurveda Certificate

Ayurveda Certificate In Yoga: Is It Possible?

Ayurveda certificate Yoga courses have become increasingly popular over the last five years. This is thanks to the widespread availability of online certification options. No longer do you need to attend a training program physically, instead you can do it in a way that suits your lifestyle and commitments. One particular course which accompanies Ayurveda, is a Certificate in Yoga. Both Ayurveda and yoga are intrinsically intertwined as they come under the umbrella of Vedic knowledge. As such, they are both related due to being forms of healing within India and, now, across the world. Both do fall under different categories of Vedic knowledge. Ayurvedic knowledge comes under the brand of Upavedas (secondary teachings). It sits alongside music, martial arts and directional science. Amongst these four branches, Ayurveda is arguably the most important due to it dealing with the well-being and healing of the body and mind, which is essential in order to achieve a sense of balance and harmony. Yoga, on the other hand, is in the category of Shad Darshanas (Vedic philosophy) – alongside ritual, metaphysics, categorisation, cosmic principles and logic. Due to its practical aspects, it is easier to find a diploma program in Yoga alongside the likes of meditation. While knowledge gained from Ayurveda diploma courses is about easing the physical, mental and emotional pains that we encounter in life, Yoga is thought to be the practical way in which to ease the spiritual suffering that we feel.

But where can you find certificate courses in Yoga and/or Meditation? Thankfully, you needn't look far for a certification program. G I V E - Gaia Institute of Vedic Education offers a number of courses from an Vedic perspective – including a new certification program in Yoga and Meditation. To see our Ayurveda certificate course options or to enrol today, please visit http://vedic.institute or call 02921680150 or email office@vedic.institute.